Geospatial, GNSS, GIS

GPS Analysis and Positioning Software

Online precise point positioning

The GPS Analysis and Positioning Software (GAPS) is a high accuracy GPS precise point positioning (PPP) software capable of global cm level accuracy. GAPS uses orbit and clock products from the International GNSS Service (IGS) and allows users to submit RINEX files to the automated service. During my MSc. I was involved with maintaining, contributing and testing the software.

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Numerical Weather Models for GNSS Positioning

Improving atmospheric models for GNSS data

The troposphere (lower ~20 km of the atmosphere) causes signals from GNSS satellites to be delayed causing errors in GNSS positioning. By using the high resolution models that are used to predict our weather we can improve the overall accuracy of the measurements. This can also be applied to other types of applications such as VLBI and InSAR data. The research led to the development of the UNB VMF1 Service.

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