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GNSS Learning Resources

Navipedia ‒ Developed as an initiative of the European Space Agency, it is the Wikipedia of Global Navigation Satellite Systems.
UNB's GNSS Resource Page ‒ Maintained by the Geodesy and Geomatics Department at the University of New Brunswick, this page includes link to many tutorials and informative articles.
Trimble's GPS Tutorial ‒ GPS tutorial created by Trimble Navigation. Reviews the basic of GPS.
SNAP's Principles and Practice of GPS Surveying ‒ One of the most thorough GPS references on the Internet that describes both the theory and practical aspects of GPS positioning.

Access GNSS Data

There exist many freely available sites for downloading GNSS data. Real-time Data sites stream data in real-time in either RTCM, BINEX, or a proprietary manufacturer format. The data is streamed via NTRIP. For more details see here.

Real-time Data

International GNSS Service ‒ Access a global network of real-time stations in RTCM 2.3 and 3.x formats, requires registration.
UNAVCO‒ Real-time access to North American stations broadcasted via NTRIP in RTCM, BINEX, proprietary format, requires registration.

Archived Data

Crustal Dynamics Data Information System ‒ Repository for global International GNSS Service data.
SCRIPPS Orbit and Permanent Array Center ‒ Repository for global International GNSS Service data.
Natural Resources Canada ‒ Provides access to Canada-wide active control network.
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ‒ Contains a large number of stations mainly in North America. Stores 1Hz data for 30 days then stores 30 second data.
UNAVCO ‒ Maintains a network of stations for geophysical research mainly in USA, Canada, and Greenland.
EUREF ‒ Provides access to hundreds of stations located in and around Europe.

Online Processing Packages

GPS Analysis and Positioning Software ‒ Also known as GAPS, developed at University of New Brunswick, offers cm level positioning based on PPP methodology.
CSRS PPP‒ Online PPP software provided by Natural Resources Canada. Outputs results in both ITRF and NAD83 (CSRS) reference frames.
Trimble RTX Post Process ‒ Trimble's online PPP software, applies plate tectonic models to adjust for epoch of measurements.
MAGIC GNSS PPP ‒ Online PPP provided by Magic GNSS.
JPL Automated Precise Positioning Service ‒ Online PPP service provided by JPL.
Online Positioning User Service‒ Also referred to as OPUS, provides differential GPS using NOAA CORS network.

Open Source GNSS Software

Kai Borre's Easy Suite'‒ Provides basic examples for reading RINEX, broadcast ephemeris, standalone positioning, DGPS and ambiguity fixed RTK. Written in Matlab.
RTKLib ‒ Provides an advanced suite of products ranging from NTRIP client, plotting tools, PPP, RTK, multi-constellation support, ambiguity fixing. Written in C.
GPSTk ‒ GPS Toolkit performs PPP as well as tools for manipulating RINEX files. Maintained by the University of Texas at Austin. Written in C++.
BKG NTRIP Client‒ NTRIP Client that can be used for browsing, processing, and stream NTRIP data. Written in C.

Geo Toolkits, Libraries and Software

Geodetic Toolbox ‒ Toolbox containing many useful coordinate system transformation and geodesy tools written by Mike Craymer in Matlab.
GPS Toolbox ‒ Collection of GPS software written in various languages.
Geospatial Data Abstraction Library ‒ Extensive library of tools for image manipulation, coordinate system conversions and more. Used by many propriety and open source software. Written in C++
QGIS ‒ An extraordinarily powerful open source GIS software that can compete with ArcGIS. Maintained by a large number of private and public organizations.

News Sites

GPS World ‒ The Business and Technology of Global Positioning, Navigation, and Timing GPS World, the magazine, has covered the global positioning industry since 1989.
Inside GNSS ‒ Magazine dedicated to covering the latest trends in the GNSS world.
Geospatial Solutions ‒ Covering the GIS and geospatial scene.
GIM International ‒ GIM International, the global magazine for geomatics, reports the latest geo news and developments.
Geoconnexion ‒ The leading publication for geospatial professionals in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and beyond.‒

Post Secondary Geomatics Programs

University of New Brunswick
University of Calgary
York University
Center of Geographic Sciences
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
University of Laval
University of New South Wales